Thursday, August 03, 2006

The journey continues...

I am preparing to teach a few classes to teachers next week, and as always, I learn the most when I do this. Trying to prepare and grow as a technologist and an educator seems to happen exponentially when faced with a room of my peers! A lot of work, but for this I am grateful (I guess).

Wow! I was just catching up on some of my feeds and read this one about a on-line whiteboard offered by GE.
Hmmmmm.... has some interesting potential... I will have to explore it a bit more.


Patrick said...

This is my first attempt at blogging as well so I will see how your blog progresses and then perhaps start one of my own. I liked the word "technologist" that you used in your opening. It sounds so official and because my dad was a "radiologist" I feel pretty good knowing I am an apprentice technologist and not just a "struggologist"

I am impressed by your high priced caffeing habit. I'm much too cheap for Starbucks or Caribou but I seldomly pass a Dunkin' Donuts without thinking for at least a millisecond about stopping in and re-energizing myself.

For a while I was anti-Starbucks and really into the "Shade Grown Coffee" movement, but the full page ads Starbucks is putting in the NY Times re: the company's ethics are wearing me down and changing my half hearted attempts at social reform. Still not a big fan of WalMart or Target and tend to get dizzy and mildly nauseaus when I am required to go "shopping"

That's all for now. I figure there's enough in there to draw some type of reply from others who are having, "Coffee with Kelly".

ReadingCoach said...

I am accessing your blog from coolcatteacher. The whiteboard technology is amazing! Let me know ways you use it.